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"Their story of courage deserves to be told"
This is the powerful true story of Roy Blanchard. One of America's many young heroes sent to the front lines during Wolrd War I. Using a collection of Roy's diary entries, preserved letters, and historical records Dr. Dean expertly crafts a faithful and accurate telling of Roy's incredible, harrowing, and heroic adventures on the western front.

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Europe, 1918, the First World War. It is a forgotten war, most Americans cannot name a general or a decisive battle, but the War was a long brutal, awful affair that dramatically changed the course of world history. The story is told not through the eyes of a diplomat or flashy general, but rather an “ordinary” soldier from the American Midwest. Roy was simply one of millions who didn’t start the conflict, but knew that his generation could step up and stop the killing and pointless destruction that we now call World War 1. 

This ordinary soldier’s name was Roy Blanchard. He was an ordinary farm-hand, sign painter, brother and son. With courage he learned to fire a rifle, keep his head down when the screaming shells blew the world apart, and charge “over the top” when his lieutenant blew a whistle. His story deserved to be told.

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